Stage Managing

Stagemanager is a service that works closely with the production team.

It does not mean just to show the artists where they have a dressing room, which way they get on stage, to notify them when their performance begins and where they end up. It is a complex function that begins weeks before the event. Stagemanager should know all about the requirements of artists, to be in close contact with the company providing audio equipment, production management and performers, be involved in the communication among the components responsible for the running of the event and make sure that all artist's requirements are fulfilled. On the event itself is stagemanager person responsible for the smooth running and the synchronization of the individual components of organizational team, and the exact timing of the event.


Years of Experience

Our stage managers, Martin Ferenčík and Milan Vanek, have many years of experience, they cooperated at events like Topfest, Bažant Pohoda, Rock pod kameňom, Orange Music Summer, Uprising Festival, Festival Červeník, Open Jazz Fest and many more. They worked with many Slovak and international artists such as Marcus Miller, Level 42, John Mayall, Sweet, Mr. BIG, Status Quo, Iron Maiden, Billy Talent, Megadeth, Helloween, Cavalera Conspiracy a Scooter.

We offer services on a professional level.


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