Nord Stage EX

Nord Stage EX
Nord Stage EX Nord Stage EX Nord Stage EX Nord Stage EX
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Technical data
Description Stage Piano
Manufacturer Clavia
Functions Organ section with faithful emulations of 3 classic models. Piano section with 6 selectable categories. Synth section generating Subtractive, FM and Wavetable synthesis. External section making the Nord Stage EX serve as a master keyboard. Effects section adding comprehensive effects to your performance.
Effects All of the 3 instrument sections—Organ, Piano and Synth—can individually be routed through the Stage's built-in effect units. Turning the effects on and off, and controlling the routing is easily done by a touch of dedicated buttons, readily accessible at the bottom of each effects unit
Power Supply 230 V AC
Keyboard 88 keys
Connectivity 4 Assignable Audio Outputs, Stereo Headphone Output, Sustain Pedal, Rotor Pedal, Organ Swell Pedal, Control Pedal, MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB
Dimensions 51" x 4.5" x 13"
Weight 41 lbs


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